These are the steps to getting you enrolled as our payment facilitator. As you will appreciate the fact that this is a financial opportunity of handling other people’s money on our behalf so we are very strict with compliance to the processes we have laid out.

  • Proof of bank card. This done by the use of the bank card to pay for the 1 slots of Covid-19-UPAP.
  • You will be given a unique link to begin your business partnership with Facebook and BWS. This unique will record enrolments from your advertising on Facebook giving you earnings from BWS. It takes average $2 expenditure on Facebook advertising to achieve 1 enrolment for a BWS product earning you average of $20 per enrolment depending on the BWS product on offer

The requirements below will also be needed within 60 days your acceptance into the position.

  • Business Registration certificate, References, Directors ID checks, proof of address and Police registration/clearance.
  • Contract and Page Allocation on the App.
  • Training given to you on how to use your page with daily assistance.
Become A DC Payment Facilitator

Registered in Uganda

173 Port Bell Road, Kitintale, Kampala.


Registration No.: 80020000490823

Tel: 0393206272 email:

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