The African Child Poverty Alleviator

Congratulations, you are about to enroll your child into the very first child support program for Africa.
As our custom is, we only communicate our development initiatives through videos hence why we are called Development Channel. Please watch the videos on this page for clarity on the program, the adverts on this program and anything else that concerns it. 

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This video explains Africa's First Child support program which is available in all 54 African countries. It gives insight into child support as available in developed countries and how it is now being made available in Africa, the sources of the funding for the participants as well as the requirements to enrol a child in Africa into the program. It also highlights the benefits for participating children as well as how to access such benefits.

Africa’s first child support program embraced in 54 countries.

Africa matches UK, US and Canada in child support with Development Channel’s ACPA.

Africa’s child support program makes IT more accessible to children.

Africa’s child support program to deliver 5 million children out of poverty.

Africa’s first economic war makes child poverty its primary first impact.

Understanding Child Support

What is Africas first child support Program?

African Child Poverty Alleviator is a basic human need APP that provides philanthropic financial support monthly and other benefits to children until the age of 21 years.

What is the credibility of Africa's First Child Support Program?

Most Africans do not know how to differentiate a real and legit online based company and one of the mushrooms so let us clarify on the issue of credibility.

We have 7 key credibility logos which are authenticated on a daily basis by international regulators, the first one is “Scam Advisor”, this is an international site that uses various identities and business metrics to measure scams and we are ranked 82% on their score card making us one of the most credible companies in the world. Then there is Business Validating Verification, Ecommerce Trust Verification, Dun and Brad Street Verified, International consumer data safety verified, and part of the prestigious Social Enterprise community.

These logos are all available for international verifications from the governing bodies through our website: We are also a UK registered company and our primary leader is an African British citizen so here, everything is far above board.

Our products or services also never require more than $5 or $10 at a time so no one is ever in any danger of losing money with us. The fear is drastically further erased by the low cost of our services and the consumer credit we provide.

If I enroll up to 10 children,is there an incentive for me?

We have an opportunity for Mega Parents. These are parents who enroll the maximum 10 children under them by calling extended family members and helping process their payments and benefit.

We reward you with $20 per month for data and airtime when the benefits begin for the 10 children.

We pay you a flat $100 bonus when all 10 children have completed their deposit before shipping.

We give you 1 free computer tablet.

We inform you on every lucrative future opportunity from Development Channel.

Is there a deadline for registration?

This opportunity is Not networking so we have very limited number of children across Africa that we can support and once the positions are filled, there will be no vacancy anymore. We advise that you move quickly to create account for your child so you don’t lose out.

If you believe your children and your household is ideal for this program and would be a great testimony to it, then embrace this right now because it is limited.

What steps do I follow to create an account?

Step 1: Click on the Create Account on the page and fill in the registration form with at least one child and submit. You can increase the number of children to support if you have more.

Step 2:  Click on Purchase a kid’s Computer Tablet and it will show you the product and then click on purchase now.

Step 3:  Choose a suitable payment plan from the payment plan drop-down list which includes $5 compassionate plan and $145 full payment.

Step 4:  Choose a payment method to use which ranges from Visa/MasterCard, Local Payment Facilitator (preferred option) or PayPal.

Note: If you do not have an online transaction enabled visa/master card, you should choose the local payment facilitator option. This displays a drop-down list of the available payment facilitators in your country, select one by clicking on it and the local account payment details is displayed. Click on proceed to submit the order.

An email which contains the order number and details, facilitator’s phone number, account number or mobile money number for the payment will be sent to your email.

Step 5:  Check the email, contact the payment facilitator and send the amount. When making the payment, enter the order number in the payment description or remark.

The facilitator uses the order number to find and verify your payment after which a payment receipt is automatically sent to the parent’s email address.  Also contact the facilitator to notify them about the payment you have made.

NOTE: You can only order for one child at a time. Repeat the same steps for any other child.

Once you have done that, you will continue to receive notifications every 2 weeks until you have completed your $50 per child payment so that the product is shipped to you in the 4th month. If you have not made the payment for your child within 48 hours after creating the account, the system will delete your account so it can allocate the position to anyone else anywhere in Africa through any of our 600 branches.

How do I enroll my child for Africa's First Child Support and how many children can I enroll?

You enroll your child/children by creating an account on our platform and through the purchase of the noDROPOUT kid's computer tablet.You can enroll 1 child or as many children but one account can only hold up to a maximum of 10 children,meaning you can have more than one account.

How much is the kid's computer tablet?

The computer tablet cost $145 plus $20 shipping fee.

What are the payment plans available for the computer tablet and how do I pay?

There are 2 available payment plans:

-$145 full payment plus shipping

-Compasionate plan which allows you to pay whatever you can afford right now to reserve the positions for your children. Minimum amount being $5 per child. You have 3 months to complete the payment to $50 per child and by the 4th month, the product will be sent to you on credit of the balance $95 .By the 5th month, you will begin accessing the monthly financial benefits of $30 per child which you will use part of it to finish the payment of the computer tablet your child is already using. 

Payment methods:

-You can use a bank card, enabled for international online transactions

-Use a local payment facilitator in your country.Details available when you select this option.

How do I get the computer tablet and how long does it take?

The computer tablet will be shipped to you within a period of 14-21 working days.

How much is the monthly financial support and how will I get it plus other benefits??

The monthly financial support is $30 per child.Other benefits include $50 every Christmas,emergency health care support and special talent funding .The monthly financial support and other benefits will be accessible through your account on our platform.

All the benefits are accessed through a dedicated online platform account for the child. You can create an account for your child right here.

Wow! Look what I found, automatic financial support for my children through an App based platform.

























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